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Sinet Technologies is a leading international technology consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Sinet specializes in Applications, Infrastructure, Networking, Cloud, Mobile, Data Center and Managed Service solutions. Sinet consultants have deep expertise in Microsoft, Cisco, EMC, Dell, and Amazon Web Services solutions. Sinet focuses on serving the needs of businesses and organizations by providing leading-edge technology solutions and services that helps customers increase employee productivity, add value and reduce cost of doing business.

The rise of scalable AI and computer vision platforms offers enterprises unprecedented access to affordable processing power for natural language understanding, image and object recognition, and much more. Also, breakthroughs in voice and text processing combined with modern cloud platform services are driving the transformation of human interactions in the digital environment. AI gives computers the ability to see, hear, speak, understand, and learn from experience, much like humans. These abilities involve computer vision, Natural Language Processing, machine learning, and big data analytics. Given recent advances, enterprises now have access to affordable cloud-based AI platforms and algorithms. At Sinet, we helps our clients incorporate these modern innovations into their enterprise. Our expertise derives from an extensive consulting background plus broad capabilities in leading-edge AI technologies and platforms.
Most organizations only process about 12% of their data – which means 88% of the data is either not collected or analyzed to make smart business decisions. In an increasing connected and real-time world, decisions need to be made on 100% of the facts and in real-time; to stay competitive and relevant. This is Big Data. Today we have data coming from new sources including financial and retail transactions, web logs, RFID, sensor networks, social media, call detail records, eCommerce, medical records and more. Sinet leverages Big Data & IOT technologies to solve business problems for our customers and partners. Click here for more details on our Big Data solutions.
Sinet IT Solutions has a track record of success designing, implementing and maintaining IT infrastructures capable of meeting today’s business needs. We begin by assessing your infrastructure and discussing your IT challenges. We will then design solutions that not only address those challenges but improve the flow of information throughout your organizations and control costs.
Sinet IT Solutions offers managed print services that give your organization the ability to measure your overall cost of printing, allowing you to track company printing down to the department or even an individual person. This information can then be used by CIOs and IT leaders to implement cost control and savings strategies to ensure printing operations are as productive as possible.
SiNet IT Solutions’ consultants have many decades of IT industry experience as well as strong business acumen. They have keen insight into where technology is headed, what works and what doesn’t, and how to leverage the latest solutions to meet specific needs.


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